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INO-US SoSE workshop At IIT-Kanpur, co-chaired by Mo Jamshidi

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International research cooperation with Europe

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We are doing research to learn how to integrate a legacy wind and solar energy generation systems in our UTSA campus to supervise multiple signals (inputs, outputs) to result in a higher performance and robust behavior to meet demand, store excess energy and at the same time create a micro-grid on existing power network.

Goals. Install hardware of renewable energy systems in UTSA campus including sensor and network connections to create a monitoring station to study, learn and later improve the overall interoperability.

Many meaningful tasks require the processing of larger and larger datasets (so-called "Web-scale" problems). This requires harnessing the power of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of machines. Due to economies of scale and the development of virtualization technology, utility computing is an emerging model for provisioning computing resources

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Highly-interactive applications can be delivered from "within the clouds", perhaps replacing traditional desktop software as we know today.

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As manned aircraft missions become increasingly expensive and difficult to perform, alternative approaches are crucial to industry, government agencies, and the military. To answer these needs, Autonomous Control Engineering Lab (ACE) is developing new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies to perform missions requiring long endurance and low operability and that entail extreme environmental exposure and high risk.

Short takeoff and landing requirements
Extended mission duration
Payload Transport
Fully autonomous take-off and landing
Low-Cost operation
Image recognition
Fixed wing and rotor based aircrafts
  • Swarm Robotics, Swarm Optimization.
  • Build a swarm of landrovers
  • Simulate the behavior of ants and bees

    Goals. Implementation of ANTZ algorithm on the swarm.

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